Comportement animal
BIOL – F411
I. General information
Title of the teaching unit * Animal Behaviour
Course language * Taught in French
Level of the qualification framework * Niveau 7 (2e cycle-MA/MC/MA60)
Discipline * Biological sciences
Lecturer(s)* [including the coordinator] * Serge ARON (coordonnateur), Claire DETRAIN
II. Location of the course
Co-required teaching unit(s) *
Pre‐required teaching unit(s) *
Pre‐required knowledge and skills * Background in evolutionary biology
Study programme(s) featuring the teaching unit – M-BIORA-G – Master en biologie des organismes et écologie, à finalité approfondie – Option générale (5 crédits, obligatoire)
– M-BIORD – Master en biologie des organismes et écologie, à finalité didactique (5 crédits, obligatoire)
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III. Objectives and methodologies
Contribution of the teaching unit to the programme profile *
Objectives of the teaching unit (and/or specific learning outcomes) * Evolutionary approach of animal behaviour.
Contents of the teaching unit * Analysis of proximate and ultimate (evolutionary) causes of animal behaviour. Development of behaviour: genetics, endocrinology and adaptive value of learning. Instinct, motivation and ritualisation of behaviour. Introduction to chronobiology. Evolution of communication. Behavioural ecology: antipredation, optimal foraging and habitat selection. Evolution of reproductive behaviour and mating systems. Social behaviour. Animal domestication.
Teaching method and learning activities * Plenary lecture
Essential course materials * No
Other course materials
References, bibliography and recommended reading * Alcock J. – Animal Behaviour. An Evolutionary Approach. 7th édition. Sinauer. Danchin E., Giraldeau L.A., Cézilly F. – Behavioural Ecology. Oxford University Press. Aron S., Passera L. – Les Sociétés Animales. Evolution de la Coopération et Organisation Sociale. De Boeck Université.
IV. Assessment
Method(s) of assessment * Oral examination
Construction of the mark (including the weighting of the various partial marks) *
Assessment language *
V. Practical organisation
Organising institution * ULB
Managing faculty * Sciences
Four‐month period * Premier quadrimestre (NRE : 18914)
Schedule * Premier quadrimestre
Schedule volume
VI. Educational coordination
Contact * Serge Aron, UC4 153
Teaching location *
VII. Other information relating to the teaching unit